Monday, April 20, 2009

Turn it around

Take a self portrait and post it to your blog?
Hmmmm.....still trying to warm up to the idea....

Adult Entry

This kids entry was actually kind of fun....we took a bunch. Want to see?

Kids entry

Go ahead and turn it around, take a shot and share it at iheartfaces.


  1. Very nice!!! It was kinda fun to try this with a kiddo, ha?

  2. I love them both-- especially your quirky expression in the first one.

  3. These are great! I wish I could get my kiddo to hold still long enough for a shot... but with a slow camera and a wiggly butt... I end up with pictures of me holding a blur! Awesome job!

  4. Your Kids shot is so very cool! And it's lovely to get to meet you.

    co-founder of I ♥ Faces

  5. love the expression in that first shot! and the second is great!

  6. The smirk on your face is awesome :)

  7. Great face in the first one :-) and I love your kids entry!

  8. So nice to put a face to all the wonderful writing! Love the expression.


Please share your expressions!

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