Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things are gettin' better

Saturday was the annual meeting for water shareholders. I love this meeting. Farmers, ranchers, cowboys, and many hopefuls gather together in the grade school gym. I was drawn in by the variety of hats; each a picture of the character underneath. All brought together for one need.


The meeting was brought to order and we listened to hope plans; expansion, increasing rights and perfecting flow. Superintendent got up, tall and lanky, topped with a well kept, wide brimmed cowboy hat. He told of all the work that's been done, proud of what was accomplished. Then he switched to technical jargon, acre feet of water and projected moisture much we need verses how much we have.

A deep voice from under a dusty ball cap interrupted with what we are all wondering, "When can we irrigate?"

"No irrigation this year," as he slightly lowered his eyes behind his wide brimmed hat.


Eyes showed again, accompanied by a grin..."but things are gettin' better"

Soft chuckle through the crowd.

New hat asked, "So you mean we'll get water?"

"As of right, but things are gettin' better."

I couldn't help grinning. This man, one who had lived with water's inconsistency his whole life, stood in front of us all, showing faith, while asking for faith; in a place where it couldn't be vocalized but was desperately needed. It's impossible to live off the land without water, to bring production, to sustain, but water can never be counted on.

Yet there we all were.

Faith wasn't written on the agenda but it was there all the same, right next to the proposed budget. It was also between weed management and government grants, then again just after nominations and reconstruction plans.

When surviving on the undependable, it is as natural as turning on the pump.

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